The full interview of Ludwig, Country Manager of Thailand
People from Phoenix Voyages Group

1)      Introduce yourself

I was born in La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime (France). I have a fairly unique education as it was mostly self-study.  When I was between 14 and 17 years old. I followed a training program with a company while studying, and between 17to 19 years old, I completed a correspondence course on international business from home and at the same time, working.

After these 5 wonderful years of working, I decided to leave home for a world tour, a trip that began in Cambodia in June 2008, but it did not proceed as I planned because I had the chance to be hired in September 2008 by Phoenix Voyages as the Country Manager of Cambodia.

Since 2008, I have pursued my career in Asia in the same industry, gaining experience in operations in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.


2)      What is your job as a Country Manager? Why Thailand?

I consider my job, being the Operation Manager of a destination, as crucial. Delivering the experience promised by our Sales Team; offering unforgettable moments to our travelers including incredible meetings with the local people as well as amazing discoveries and finally gaining the trust of our Agent Partners assuring them of our high-quality service that will result to the satisfaction of their customers.

Thailand as a destination was offered to me by the Management of Phoenix Voyages.  The project was to re-open our office as early as possible to meet the growing demands from our customers which I considered challenging.


3)      What do you like the most about your work?  For you, what does it mean to work in luxury tourism?

The operation of an activity, a project, a destination or a company is essential …. the execution and implementation of works, often a long-term project, involving various departments within the organization, this truly fascinates me and being a leader in this operation can only be an exciting task.

I consider high-end tourism a guarantee to receive the best in a destination, and luxury tourism is to experience what is exceptionally unique. Being positioned in this segment is a real pleasure because, just like a classy tailor or a Michelin starred chef, you work with the best products and providers, thus, the outcome is definitely magical.


4)      You have been nominated the Country Manager of the Year. What does it mean for you?

I immediately thought of my team who, by my side, works hard every day to make the best out of everything. This recognition is not the result of a personal achievement but a team effort. I am maybe the pilot of the ‘Thailand aircraft’, but without a co-pilot or on-board crew, the result would be far different. I have also thought for our providers, which we have selected carefully, for their dedication and trustworthy service allowing the success of our travels and of the whole company.