Top 10 reasons to choose Thailand for your next trip or event

1. Thailand, the country with thousands of landscapes and traditions as diverse as they are beautiful

Thailand itself has several climates and seasons: high mountains along the Burmese border; a central plain where the Menam Chao Phraya basin lies; splendid rice fields landscapes up to the horizon; lush jungles and heavenly beaches, remote countryside where ethnic groups with ancestral rites still live; the vibrant and thrilling metropolis of Bangkok; a mixture of Buddhist, Khmer and Chinese temples echoing to the cosmopolite mix of Thai population; exotic fauna and flora, and hundreds of other treasures to discover...


        2.  An ideal climate 365 days a year

No matter what time of year, there is always a sunny destination in Thailand to welcome your group! Seasons are reversed between the North, the Gulf and the South Peninsula so that the warmest season and the rainy season arrive in offset and are staggered throughout the year. Therefore, choose the months of November and December to visit Bangkok in order to enjoy the capital without the stifling heat of the dry season; the months of January to April for the Southwest islands (Phuket, Krabi, Phi Phi Islands, Koh Lanta, etc..) to avoid the rain showers of the green season; while the islands of the South East, sheltered from monsoons in the Gulf, enjoy a pleasant climate in July and August.

         3. 5 UNESCO sites to discover

Thailand is also a destination rich in culture, history and heritage. UNESCO features five sites in its famous World Heritage List.  Among them we can find the archaeological site of Ban Chiang dating back to 1,495 BC, the historic city of Ayutthaya - formerly the second capital of the Kingdom of Siam - as well as the historic city of Sukhothaï, the forest complex of Song Phayayen-Khao Yai, and the wildlife sanctuaries of Thung Yai-Huai Kha Khaeng.

        4. A delicious gastronomy

Curry, mint, lemongrass, coriander, it is all you need to awaken - or even sparkle - your taste buds. Indeed, spices are an integral part of the Thai cuisine. They are used to flavour chicken (Kai thot), noodles (Pad thai), seafood, soups (Tom yam), salads and more! Each region has its own specialities and culinary influences, both from neighbouring countries and from agricultural crops - according to the climate of each region. Visiting Thailand is therefore also an opportunity to open up to a wide range of flavours to be tasted (almost) without moderation and a good opportunity to try cooking new ingredients.

         5. A broad range of luxury accommodation

MICE is often a synonym of high expectations in terms of accommodation, impeccable service and comfortable facilities - which means for us the establishment of partnership with the best hotels in the region, with which we can entrust our customers with complete confidence. The range of high-end hotels in Thailand are as varied as they are sensational: from luxury tents for a safari getaway in the North, to seaside resorts on the most beautiful beaches of the Gulf - there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

         6. Thai people, a warm and welcoming population

Thailand is known worldwide as the "land of smiles". For information, there are thirteen words to describe the thirteen meanings of the word "smile", whether it means a polite smile, a contemptuous smile, a smile of embarrassment or, paradoxically, a smile of sadness or a disapproving smile. Thai people are always delighted to share their culture and traditions with curious and respectful visitors.

       7. Plenty of activities for everyone

Tourism has been a major contributor to the country's economic development. As a result, many local people have made it their profession.  This has created many activities for visitors: spas and massage centers for those in search of rest and well-being; quad biking, rafting, climbing, jeep driving and hiking for adrenaline and adventure seekers; elephant sanctuaries, orchid farms and snorkeling for nature lovers; majestic temple visits and discovering meditation for visitors seeking  a cultural and spiritual journey. In short - Thailand thrills all travellers!

        8. Exceptional venues for your gala dinners

A MICE trip is incomplete without at least one grandiose gala dinner. Therefore, Thailand has many resources to surprise you: traditional dance, Muay or Cabaret shows, dinner under the stars on paradise beaches with fire jugglers and world-renowned restaurants with starred chefs.  Thailand is the country of infinite possibilities for your unique celebrations.

        9. Magnificent Nature

With national parks made to preserve ecosystems, exotic fauna and lush flora. Thailand is home to some of the most beautiful corals on the planet with crystal clear waters and sparkling green rice fields - Thailand is simply splendid. Come and discover clown fish, elephants, monkeys, orchids, lotus flowers and pineapple plants in a mosaic of all colours. In addition, we are committed to working with partners respectful of the environment and the natural species.

       10. A safe country

Finally, Thailand is a safe country, that has already proved its strength in the tourism sector. No vaccinations are required, and the free 30-days Visa is issued to nearly 55 citizenships. The currency is stable, and the country counts no less than 11 international airports.


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