5 things you probably do not know about Phoenix Voyages

1. We offer trips to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Passionate about this country for more than 15 years, Edouard George, President of Phoenix Voyages, loves to share his passion for the North Korean peninsula and hopes that the Communist State will gradually open-up to international tourism. Consequently, Phoenix Voyages offers various programs from 5 to 10 days bringing your clients from Pyongyang (the capital) to Mont Kumgang, passing through the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the “DMZ” (demilitarized zone) at the border with South Korea.

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 Credit Photo : Laurent Weyl


2. We have a local office in each of our destinations

To ensure of the quality of the services and better knowledge of the field, Phoenix Voyages has developed a network of local offices and Operations Specialists in each of the different destinations we offer: in Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, Bangkok in Thailand, Luang Prabang in Laos, Siem Reap in Cambodia and Seoul in Korea. Besides this, we also acquired a tourism license and insurances in each of our destination.

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From left to right: Edouard George (President), Hoa (Country manager of Vietnam), Judith (Country Manager of Laos), David (Country Manager of Cambodia), Lucca (Country Manager of Thailand) and Mister Linh (General director). Moon Soo, Country Manager of Korea was absent this day.

Read the interview of Lucca, nominated the Country Manager of the Year


3. Phoenix Voyages has also a foundation which is involved in various social, cultural and environmental projects

Since its creation, Phoenix Voyages Group has always taken into consideration to contribute to the development of the countries we operate and its people. The concept of sharing and giving is one of our principles. It is only logical to give back to the local people part of what they give to us on a daily basis.

Discover the various projects we work or worked with here : The Foundation


From left to right: International Choir, Smile Project, iLOVE Cambodia Project, Poussière de Vie Concert (Joyce Jonathan)


4. Our Quality Control Department

Quality is important. It’s about selecting top-of-the-range partners to entrust our clients, knowing that they will meet our quality standards. In order to ensure that our requirements are respected and our clients satisfied, we created a Quality Control Department. Virginie Balas, our Quality Control Manager, calls each of our clients during their trip to make sure that their stay is running smoothly. Our goal is to maintain the high quality standards and to stay close to the expectations of the travelers.


This is the percentage of our customers "fully satisfied" with our services.

52.60% of them qualified them as "beyond their expectations" in August 2018.

Discover our full evaluation here : Our Quality Department


Virginie (Quality Manager)


5. We are celebrating our 20th Anniversary!

Phoenix Voyages is about to celebrate its 20th birthday in 2019! It is 20 years of experience, professionalism, evolution and passion for each of our destinations and for tourism in Asia. The year 2019 will definitely be a year full of surprises!

Discover our history here: Phoenix Voyages history

Edouard George (left) and Linh Tuan Le (right), the two founders of Phoenix Voyages Group in 2000.