"Sustainable Seoul": A Program Awarded by the Seoul Tourism Organization (STO)

In recent years, South Korea is a country that has made various efforts to develop ecotourism, and our program illustrates this perfectly.

"Sustainable Seoul" is a 3-day/2-night program in Seoul, specifically based on community projects, nature and history, with the idea of combining some visits to less visited tourist areas, cooperating with socially disadvantaged people, and engaging in an environmentally friendly tour. 

It won the first prize in the "Sustainable Tourism Program in Seoul" organized by STO in 2021.

Sustainable Community

It is exploring less-visited sites such as the Gongneung-dong Railway, a park created by transforming part of the abandoned Gyeongchun Railway, Sevit Seom, the world's first floating architecture built on water, and "Taeneung," the tomb of Queen Munjeong during the Joseon Dynasty which, despite being a World Heritage Site, is still rarely known. There are also various tours for social awareness of disability.

Sustainable Nature

Engage in civic activities that help promote the importance of environmental protection.

Discover places such as Mount Bukhansan, a national nature park in the city center, Jingwansa Temple, to participate in environmental protection and coexist with nature, and the "Culture Tank", a historical park for sustainable ecology and cultural civic activities. There are many other activities planned to immerse in nature, become aware of environmental preservation, and practice zero waste. 

Sustainable History

This is a true immersion into the rich history and traditional customs of the country.

Visit sites such as the prehistoric sites of Amsa, offering a glimpse into the lives of prehistoric people around 5000 BC, and Yeongdong Market for a fascinating contrast between this traditional market and the modern Gangnam district. To experience the preservation of Korean history and culture, visit the National Museum of Korea, and the Korea House, a complex of hanok (traditional houses), preserving and promoting its traditional heritage.

To contribute to the protection of the environment, there is nothing better than to rent a "Ddareungi" (a public bicycle rental service in Seoul since 2015) to stroll around and explore the many sites in South Korea!