Têt & Traditions
Vietnamiese traditions

The biggest celebration on the Vietnamese calendar is approaching, and on this occasion, the whole country will let place to celebrations and traditions. And speaking of traditions, here are those continued by the Vietnamese on the occasion of the new year called “Têt”, and the return of the spirits of the ancestors to Earth.

Getting together as a family.

 Perfectly tidy and clean the house.

 Decorate the outside of your home with long red papers with black lettering.


Let a pleasant, friendly and wealthy person step through the door first so that he or she can bring prosperity and happiness to the home for this new year.

 In each house, make an ancestor's altar: a piece of furniture during all year, displaying photos of the deceased members of the family, incense sticks, bowls containing fruit, offerings and objects dear to the deceased.


Wait for the spirits of the ancestors standing before the altar.

 Burn sandalwood in pagodas.

Blow up firecrackers to scare away evil spirits.

 Attend the procession of the dancing dragon, made of cardboard and red fabric.

 Do not break, argue or insult.

 In South Vietnam, buy apricot branches (canh maï) with yellow flowers.


In North Vietnam, buy peach branches (canh dào) with pink flowers.

 Cook the banh chung, a delicious sticky rice cake, topped with a stuffing made of pork meat, crushed beans, drizzled with a soy sauce or nuoc mam.

 And above all, wish everyone Chúc Mừng Năm Mới* !


*Happy New year