The “Kim Son” Spirit from Vietnam

Kim Son is a variety of Vietnamese rice wine that hails from the region of the same name. With its sweet rice aroma, reminiscent of the fresh scent of the countryside, it is no wonder that this strong spirit is deemed a “Top 10 Most Famous Wine Specialties in Vietnam”!

Its production takes place in traditional craft villages in the coast district of Kim Son, in the northern province of Ninh Binh. A region rich in natural resources, this strong alcohol has quickly gained popularity across other provinces of Vietnam thanks to its authentic and unique flavors.


Kim Son, made with glutinous rice, natural spring water, and yeast, is usually incorporated with various herbs and spices. It is fragrant and mild in taste, with a sweet and spicy flavor.

Occasionally, fruits or animals are macerated in the rice alcohol, which the Vietnamese believe has health benefits, especially when soaked in snakes, geckos, and starfish.

It usually has a high alcohol concentration and a clear appearance. The larger the wine foam, the higher the alcohol level. This spirit should be served chilled, and it is said that its flavor enhances with time.

Production & Consumption

The rice is locally produced and carefully selected to make the highest quality rice alcohol. It is also handmade by local winemakers who use special techniques to create its unique taste.

Traditionally fermented in large earthenware jars and covered with banana leaves, the spirit is also recently available in bottled versions. 

Today, Kim Son has become an essential staple drink in Vietnamese cuisine, often accompanying some famous delicacies, including shrimp salad and boiled crab. Upon traveling to Ninh Binh, this beloved drink offers a pleasant sensation that reflects the warm spirit of the people of this ancient Vietnamese city.