The “Sabai Sabai Cocktail” from Thailand

The "Sabai Sabai", also known as the "Thai Welcome Drink", is a cocktail that perfectly symbolizes Thailand with its unique blend of local herbs and aromatic flavors. What better way for travelers to delve into the country's vibrant culture than with a delicious traditional meal accompanied by this typical Thai drink?

"Sabai Sabai," which translates to "comfortable" or "cozy" in Thai, is served as the official welcome drink to guests in the country. Its refreshing citrus and herbal flavors and soothing effect are intended to make visitors feel relaxed, comfortable, and welcome.


This drink is a balanced blend of "Mekhong Spirit" (Thai flavored rum), lemon juice, sugar syrup, sweet basil and soda. Amber in color, this cocktail tastes like rum with a tropical twist, accentuated by the Mekhong liquor and its blend of local herbs. 

Typically containing 8% alcohol, its light, sweet, and tangy flavors make it an ideal accompaniment to authentic Thai dishes. 

Production & Consumption

Bartenders first pour Mekhong, lemon juice, syrup and basil into a cocktail shaker. After adding ice and shaking it for about 10 seconds, they strain it into a glass filled with ice cubes, then add sparkling water and garnish it with a sprig of Thai basil. 

“Sabai Sabai" is usually served in a collins (*) glass on the rocks and consumed neat. Another popular variation is to add ginger beer for a sweeter and slightly spicy flavor.

Widespread throughout Thailand and available in many great restaurants and hotels, this refreshing cocktail will awaken any palate and remarkably complement the dining experience of travelers.


(*) A collins glass is a tall, flat-bottomed glass, usually holding between 300 and 400 ml. It is often used to serve cocktails, and is cylindrical in shape.