The “Tanglin Gin” from Singapore

Tanglin Gin, Singapore's first locally distilled spirit, celebrates the country's unique cultural diversity with its many exotic Asian flavors. This strong spirit has become the drink of choice in the island's best bars and restaurants. It has also gained popularity throughout Southeast Asia!

The name "Tanglin" comes from the Tanglin district in Singapore, which now houses the UNESCO World Heritage Botanical Gardens, and translates as "Peaks of the Great Eastern Hill". Home to many of the country's plantations, it was renowned for cultivating spices such as pepper, nutmeg and ginger.


Tanglin Gin has a sweet and natural aromatic scent of tangerine with a hint of orange blossom and kaffir lime. It tastes like tangerine peel, ginger and lime, as well as chili and cassia (or Chinese cinnamon).

Its diverse flavors vary depending on the spices, fruits and other ingredients. The most popular flavors are orchid (Orchid gin), tangerine and chili, and black powder (a mixture of pepper, garlic and other spices).

Production & Consumption

It is made by distilling neutral grain alcohol with juniper berries (*) and a carefully selected blend of spices, including Amchoor (**), and vanilla beans from the vanilla orchid flower. In the final step, distilled water is used to reduce its alcohol content to 42%.

The spirit is typically consumed neat, served over ice, while soda and lime are added. Traditionally, people mix it with soda water and a dash of orange juice to enhance its sweetness.

Today, visiting the Tanglin gin distillery and cocktail classes have also become a trendy tourist attraction. This offers travelers an authentic taste of Singapore through a wide range of natural flavors representing the multicultural nature of the country.


(*) Juniper berry is a blue prune-like berry produced by different species of juniper trees.

(**) Amchoor is a spice made from dried green mangoes. It preserves the acidic, sour and slightly spicy flavor of unripe mangoes.