Champion of DMC
Traveller Made Certification

Phoenix Voyages certified "Champion of DMC" by the luxury network Traveller Made!


Phoenix Voyages is honored to have been certified the "2018 Traveller Made® 1st Grand Champion DMC! This award illustrates the excellence with which Phoenix Voyages operates on a daily basis and encourages the entire team to continue their efforts to offer the best of luxury in its travels.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Phoenix Voyages, this is a wonderful gift after 4 years of partnership with the network.

What is Traveller Made?

It is a network of designers of luxury travel dedicated to offering unique and exclusive tailor-made trips to travelers seeking different and original experiences, requiring competent trip advisors, who are fully committed in serving their customers.

The Traveller Made® community is a group of agencies selected by invitation only. Phoenix Voyages has been a member of this network since 2015.

Why was Phoenix Voyages certified?

Phoenix Voyages is a DMC that offers unique and luxury travel to these 6 destinations: Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Korea (s) and Cambodia.  In 2018, their team of experts took part in boosting the network by communicating with members about its products and destinations.

What was the reaction of Edouard George, the founding President of Phoenix Voyages, to the announcement of this certification?

"Luxury is, first and foremost, the experience!"

There is no better sign that signifies we are moving in the right direction. I would like to thank the Traveller Made Network with which we have been working since 2015 and congratulate my team for this certification. It is thanks to our rigor and high level of standards that allow us to create unique experiences. For me, Luxury is not "bling bling". No… Luxury is, above all, an in-depth exploration of the countries that we represent and the sharing of the experiences, and this is what we have been offering our clientele for the past 20 years.


Please contact Maxime, our Luxury Specialist at Phoenix Voyages: