Asian Style Delivery

Just out of the airport, Vietnam offers the first and not the least change of scenery of the trip: traffic. The spectacle of this organized bazaar where motorcycles touch each other, horns sound, pedestrians wander in the middle of the bustle and cars trace their wide furrow does not let you indifferent.

With a fleet of more than 40 million motorcycles, this is not really surprising. Indeed, in Vietnam, a large majority of the inhabitants travel by two wheels, regardless of distance, number of passengers, traffic or... the package to be transported!

The eye of Hans Kemp - a Dutch artist - did not miss the opportunity to capture from his camera the unusual loads crossed on the country's roads.

In a series of photographs, he describes the talents of a balancing act and the art of two-wheeled transport in Asia. This series called "Bikes of Burden" impresses as much as it makes you smile. Judge for yourself:



Hans Kemp regularly rides on his own Hon Da in Vietnam to try to capture all the ingenuity of these extreme couriers for a revised version of his book "Express Delivery".