Entry Conditions for Cambodia 2022

Updated: July 2022


Cambodia has reopened its borders to fully vaccinated foreign travellers without quarantine. Likewise, visa-exempted countries, especially from the ASEAN regions is also welcomed in Cambodia.

Children under 18 years old not vaccinated, are allowed to enter the country as long as they arrive with fully vaccinated parents.

For foreign travelers fully vaccinated, no tests (pre-arrival and upon arrival) are required to enter Cambodia.

Moreover, the wearing of face mask in public areas is no longer compulsory, but it is still required in enclosed areas i.e. malls, cinemas, conference rooms, etc. 

Documents for quarantine-free travel include: 

✓ An Electronic Visa Certificate (E-visa) 

✓ Vaccination Certificate (2 doses) or a COVID-19 Recovery Medical Certificate

Foreign nationals are fully responsible for the Covid-19 treatment expenses that may occur during the trip in Cambodia. It is encouraged (but not compulsory) to purchase an insurance covering these possible expenses.

Unvaccinated or Not Fully Vaccinated:

✓ The hotel booking for self-quarantine or a deposit of USD2,000 for quarantine arranged by the local authorities (Foreign Nationals ONLY) is required.

✓ The quarantine period is reduced to 7 days.

✓ Must undergo an Antigen Rapid Test (RT-PCR) on day 7.

Note: Unvaccinated travelers due to medical reasons must provide a medical letter from the Government, clinic or hospital. 

For more information about the conditions to enter Cambodia and reservations, please feel free to contact us.


Cambodia has reopened its electronic visa scheme (e-visa certificate) for foreign tourists entering the country. Visa exemptions for business people and "sponsored" persons are authorized. In addition, Cambodia has allowed the re-issuance of “Visa on Arrival” for all international travelers, by air, land, and sea.


There are around 87% of the country’s population who are fully vaccinated, and 56% who have received a booster dose.