Entry Conditions for Myanmar 2022

Updated: March 2022



Borders (land and air) are still closed to non-nationals. The ban on all international flights to Myanmar has been extended until 28th February 2022 with the exception of special and cargo flights, certain regional flights and those reserved for medical evacuations.

Issuance of visas remains suspended until 28th February 2022 except for diplomatic or special visas.

Since 1st February 2021, the Myanmar Army has seized power following a coup d'état. Restrictive measures have been adopted and telecommunications and Internet networks were disrupted. A nationwide curfew from 22h00-04h00 is in effect due to the ongoing anti-coup protests.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 infections remain low in Myanmar, with only 195 new infections reported on average each day.

Due to the political situation in Myanmar, it is currently impossible to know the exact evolution of COVID-19 epidemic. In any case, the wearing of masks and the respect of barrier gestures as well as social distancing are required throughout the country. 


Myanmar has administered at least 40,001,909 doses of COVID vaccines so far, meaning about 37% of the country’s population. During the last week, Myanmar reported an average of about 184,179 doses administered each day.

Myanmar is aiming to vaccinate 50% of the country’s population against COVID-19 this year.