Koh Ker Temple

Famous for its architectural wonders, Cambodia boasts vast temples that bear witness to its deep-rooted history. For an immersion in its ancient heritage, discover the Koh Ker temple, just inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List on September 17, 2023.

Built by King Jayavarman IV, Koh Ker is a 10th-century temple complex set in the jungle of northern Cambodia. Once the capital of the Khmer Empire (928-944 A.D.), the site is now isolated and heavily forested, but easily accessible.

The temple's two most important structures are Prasat Thom, a 40-metre-high sandstone pyramid whose seven storeys offer spectacular views over the forest, and Prasat Krahom, Koh Ker's second-largest structure, which means "red temple" in reference to the red bricks used in its construction.

The historical and cultural value of Koh Ker makes it a must-visit site in Cambodia.