Mid-Autumn festival, the most colourful festival of the year
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The Mid-autumn festival 2018 will take place this weekend; an occasion to learn more about this colorful family celebration.  Celebrated in Vietnam, Korea, Japan or China, each country has its own tales, legends and festivities about this day.  Today, let’s discover the Mid-autumn festival in Vietnam.


The “Mid-Autumn Festival”, or more widely known as the “Moon Festival”, is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. Why this name, why this date? To understand, let’s look at astrology for a moment: according to the lunar calendar, this exact night of the year is when the moon is at its fullest and brightest.


First of all, this festival has its agricultural origin. Indeed, mid-September marks the end of the harvest season. According to the Vietnamese popular belief, which is largely rooted in superstition and the study of the supernatural signs, the moon predicts prosperity in the harvest – or not – in the coming year. It is then that the color of the moon will be interpreted: the more it is red, the better the harvest will be.


The festival was widely popularized to become, today, a family celebration, dedicated to the children. The perfect roundness of the moon on this night would represent unity of the family, as well as gathering and communion. Families take the opportunity to go out in the streets and parks to share a picnic or barbecue in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. As for the kids, they disguise themselves by wearing fantastic masks and parading through the streets with little drums and lanterns lit-up with all the colors.

A school class wearing the lanterns

Some masks

Multi-colored lanterns


Finally, how could we talk about the mid-autumn festival without mentioning the famous “moon cakes”? Do not be fooled by its goldish or ivory color, delicately adorned with fine calligraphic symbols or elegant floral patterns, the moon cake is definitely … surprising. Traditional flavors are: red bean, salted egg, Vietnamese sausage, fish, mixed with zucchini seeds, mixed with coconut, lemon, nuts, durian, pineapple, lotus cream, etc. For the lovers of sweet and savory, these cakes are made for you!


The cake is served with Vietnamese tea

The salty egg in the middle of each cake

Discover the different tastes!