Phoenix Voyages introduces the underprivileged young Vietnamese to the Tourism Industry.
PRESS RELEASE – 6th May 2016

Phoenix Voyages Group, considered as one of the leading Tourism Agencies in Asia, received on Thursday, 28th April the youth from the Life Project For Youth Association (LP4Y) to introduce them to the tourism industry.


Present in Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and India, the LP4Y Association attends to the social and professional integration of the youth who are in extreme exclusion. Thus, it was a pleasure for Phoenix Voyages to welcome them during one afternoon to introduce them to the company and its trade.

Various speakers, members of Phoenix Voyages team, took turns talking about their mission within the company and their personal experience. A workshop was also conducted to them to give them all the necessary advices for a successful job interview. Young people, aged between 17 and 24 years, went back more motivated and determined than ever.

Driven by humanitarian values ​​of sharing and giving, Phoenix Voyages supports many other charitable, social, cultural and environmental projects in Asia through the Phoenix Voyages Foundation.


The Phoenix Voyages Group is present in Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Korea and Indonesia.