Souvenirs: what to bring back from Cambodia?

Apart from the beautiful images that you will keep in mind, it is always nice to bring home memories that will remind you of your journey. To prepare your purchases or gifts to offer, here is a list of some handicrafts that you find only in Cambodia.


Krâma: A traditional scarf worn by all Cambodians and a symbol of the country. Made of cotton or silk, the original krâma is a print of small red and white or blue and white checkered, but, now, it is available in all the colors.

Kampot Pepper: The iconic spice of Cambodia and famous throughout the world, this pepper is a must to bring back from your trip. With complex flavors and scent, there are 4 varieties: black, white, green or red, enough to give a taste of travel to your dishes!

Silver Jewelries: Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings... Cambodia is rich in precious metals and goldsmiths who have been preserving their know-how for generations, with good quality and prices.

Exceptional Textiles:  Hand-woven cotton and silk are found in all the local markets and the products of exceptional know-how … a Khmer silk scarf? a fabric with typical patterns? a traditional dress? Don't deprive yourself of the country's extravagant silk and textiles of high quality and at an affordable price.

Palm Sugar:  It is more a spice than a simple sugar.  Palm sugar is an exceptional product of Cambodia that will enrich your desserts and pastries.

Woven Rugs:   This handmade traditional Khmer style rugs are sold all over the country and easy to carry in your luggage. This woven rug is nice and made from grass, rattan or water hyancinth and used by everyone.  Its chic Bohemian effect is guaranteed for your home!

Soaps and Natural Candles:   Their fragrance is unique, varying from Khmer curry to Kampot pepper or lemon. These soaps and candles will transport your senses from your home to Cambodia.  There are also a selection of wonderful Cambodian cosmetics to choose from.


Rice Paper Paintings: Particularly those of Angkor, these are beautiful reproduction of the temple designs through the art of charcoal rubbing on rice paper.  You can frame the image and it is a nice display in your home or a lovely gift for your loved ones or friends.


Abundant throughout Southeast Asia, basketry is found everywhere in Cambodia and is a beautiful souvenir to bring back from your journey. The most typical is these small bamboo baskets made to serve rice and keep it warm.



- During the Khmer Rouge period, Cambodian handicrafts have disappeared, but it has recently been revived and demonstrates its richness and exceptional know-how.

- The dollar is commonly used in Cambodia; you do not need Cambodian Riels to pay.

- Bargaining is the rule, so don't hesitate to negotiate – with a measure, of course.