Souvenirs: what to bring back from Thailand?

Leave room in your suitcase, Phoenix Voyages explains everything you need to know about things to bring back from Thailand as a souvenir or gift which will make you happy when you return from your vacation! All these… while supporting the country's craftsmen.

A paper umbrella

It is an original and elegant souvenir to bring back from Thailand. The colorful Thai parasols will immediately add a character and an exotic touch to any interior. The best is to buy it from the workshop that you will be visiting, especially in Chiang Mai.

Benjarong porcelain

Thai porcelain "Benjarong", also called the Royal ceramic, is a typical piece to bring back (well wrapped) from the “land of smiles”. It is delicately handmade with a long process of coloring, including gilding, creating an incomparable artifact - a “must” item to bring back.

Silk pouches

These silk pouches of all sizes are hand-sewn. Available in a variety of designs and colors, they are perfect for carrying some jewelries or toiletries, or for packing gifts.

You can also choose a silk stole or scarf from Thailand, a specialty like its neighboring countries: Cambodia and Laos.

Thai patterned fabric

Many haberdasheries in Bangkok or Phuket offer a wide choice of fabrics by the meter with floral and geometric patterns typical of Thailand, which you can bring back, such as:  natural fabric or you can have clothing or part of a fixture made directly.

Thai wooden sculptures

The Thais have developed a real know-how in wood cutting to create whole panels or sculptures of animals that looks real.

Any object or clothing with an "elephant" pattern

The elephant is the national animal of Thailand. You can choose, not only a cotton bag repeating the pattern or beach pants but also a sculpture made of wood, lacquered, porcelain as well as in small garlands or fabric as a cuddly toy for children.

Thai rice

On the culinary side, in addition to coffee and tea like its Laotian and Vietnamese neighbors, Thai rice is also a delectable thing to bring back because it is unique in the country. Also known as Jasmine rice, it is one of the flavored rice grown in northern Thailand. Something to delight your friends over dinner after the trip, where you may have joined a Thai cooking class!



Thai Coconut oil and objects

Thailand is a master in the production of coconut trees and craftsmen do not neglect any part of its fruit: the coconut! Thus, there is a wide range of cosmetic or edible coconut oil and also bowls, spoons and other small objects polished and carved like sea shells.

Image courtesy of Moho01 (Pixabay).


Soap in the shape of flowers or fruits

Small object but with a beautiful effect, soaps based on organic products are available not only in the form of flowers but also fruits. For the fruity version, the soap does not only have the shape but also the smell of the said fruit.