Souvenirs: what to bring back from Vietnam?

Shopping is also a cultural experience.  Are you wondering what to bring home as a souvenir to remember your trip to Vietnam?  Here is a list of items from a wide variety of Vietnamese crafts and local specialities, which you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Lantern from Hoi An: It is impossible not to give in to the wonders of walking around the streets of Hoi An, the city of thousands of lanterns. Made of exquisite silk, in all colours, shapes and sizes, choose your favourite lantern and don't forget to ask the seller to show you how to fold it so as not to damage it in your luggage!

Conical hat: Called “Non La” in Vietnamese, this cultural iconic woven bamboo souvenir is also useful on site as protection from the heat and rain.

Robusta coffee: The world's leading producer of robusta coffee, Vietnam is a true coffee mania. This is something to bring back, a taste of Vietnam for your mornings before you go to work. Complete this memory with the typical Vietnamese “phin” drip coffee filter.

Bat Trang ceramics: Traditional handmade porcelain and pottery objects from Bat Trang Village present beautiful designs, true images of Vietnam, and famous for their ancestral technique of making them.

Propaganda poster: Magnified once framed, the propaganda posters with graphics of time are a must-have souvenir to bring back easily from a trip to Vietnam.

Vietnamese Classical Music:  Let yourself be carried away by the captivating melody of the famous Pham Duy and Trinh Công Son, singing poetry to the country.

Tea: After coffee, tea is the drink which you will enjoy most during your trip.  Iced or hot, this beverage is a delicious thirst quenching with many benefits and at an unbeatable price. Our favourites: Da Lat artichoke tea and the iconic green tea and lotus flavoured tea.

Vietnamese silk: Whether in “Áo Dài” (traditional Vietnamese dress) or in large pieces of fabrics, Vietnamese silk with embroideries and floral prints is known for its quality and can be bought in raw material or tailor-made clothes in Hoi An, the city of dressmakers, at a low price.

Lacquerware: An important element of Vietnamese craftsmanship and cultural heritage, lacquer is used for many objects, embellished with mother-of-pearl or gold inlays. Look for furniture, antique trinkets, paintings or even a nice set of chopsticks.