Temple Stay in South Korea

 Staying in a temple is a unique and original opportunity to experience a complete immersion in the monastic life.


For two days, visitors will soak themselves in the spiritual and humble daily life of the monks: right down to their simple and comfortable cotton clothes, basic accommodation, healthy meals and the monks’ etiquette.

Participants are offered various activities aimed at mastering their concentration and spiritual awakening, such as: meditation or prostrations. Each temple has its own program which may differ slightly. Some are more rigorously spiritual than the others.

We recommend the Haeinsa Temple, just over an hour’s drive from Daegu. 

Why do we recommend it?

  • It is an absolutely immersive experience and definitely worth it!
  • It is the most authentic and original way to discover the Korean culture.


It is best not to offer this activity to families with young children because the ritual can be strict.