The "Lao-Lao" Spirit from Laos

Lao-Lao, a Laotian clear rice whisky, is a strong alcoholic renowned in Asia. This famed moonshine is found all over Laos, brewed in every village, from the mountains to the river valleys. Despite its rich flavor, this beverage is considered one of the most affordable alcohols!

The name Lao-Lao is two different words with the same pronunciation. One means “alcohol,” while the other means “Laotian” and translates as “Laotian Rice Whisky.”


Most Lao-Lao whiskey is clear in color and has a yeasty, sweet taste. The taste is fiery but well-balanced, often aromatic with an aftertaste of rice fields. It can vary in strength from around 40 to 45% alcohol.

Although it is a strong alcohol, the purity of the distillation makes it a pleasant refreshment. It is also a popular drink that mixes easily with soft drinks.

Production & Consumption

Created when rice is streamed and then combined with yeast and water, Lao-Lao takes around 20 days to brew. Each village takes great pride in the selection of rice and the distillation, reflecting their respective cultural roots.

It is traditional to serve two glasses of La-Lao at ceremonies, feasts, and grand parties. Also, it is customary to drink the beverage in a single gulp.

A famous site for its production is the Whiskey Village, located near Luang Prabang. Travelers can, for example, visit the village during a trip to the Pak Ou Caves, a must-see attraction near Luang Prabang.