The most beautiful waterfalls of our destinations

Southeast Asia is full of beautiful waterfalls! And at the end of the year with the monsoon season coming to an ebb, it is the best time to explore them with high water level and more impressive flow. Whether in Thailand, Laos or Vietnam, the waterfalls at the other side of the world will amaze your customers.


  • Kuang Si, Laos

Located in Luang Prabang, the Kuang Si Waterfalls is one of the most must-see sites of the country. Its beauty and natural scenery is unequalled - the main fall is lined up with numerous waterfalls, forming small pools with turquoise blue waters. To admire this fabulous spectacle, traveler must take the narrow paths to get as close to the water as possible or climb up to the top to enjoy a breath-taking view of the countryside from a suspension bridge.

  • Erawan, Thailand

Thailand is not only full of paradise beaches, but also the home for stunning waterfalls. Located in a national park west of Bangkok, Erawan Falls is certainly the most famous in the country because of its bright emerald green waters that fascinate visitors. It is a series of seven waterfalls, connected by natural slides and surrounded by tropical gardens and abundant wildlife. A change of scenery is guaranteed.


  • Ban Giôc – Detian Falls, Vietnam

Linking the Vietnamese and Chinese territory, the Ban Giôc - Detian Falls is famous for its exceptional expanse. Indeed, Ban Giôc is the highest and largest waterfalls in Vietnam with water flows that hit the rocks 70 meters below. This water scenery is simply stunning. The waterfalls roar all year round in a setting of vast rice fields and bamboo trees dominated by mountain peaks.

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