"Trash Hero Thailand"

Over the years, Thailand has made many efforts to protect the environment. A good example is the volunteer-led "Trash Hero Thailand" association, which aims to encourage residents to clean up and reduce plastic waste.

Since 2013, the initiative aims to motivate people to become "trash heroes" in their daily lives. Founded in Thailand, it has spread throughout Southeast Asia and now the world. 

About Trash Hero

The association first started as a group of volunteers who organized several clean-up days in different parts of Thailand, including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Koh Phi Phi and Phuket.

Its mission is to bring communities together to clean up and reduce waste. It does this through (1) action and awareness, (2) education, (3) sustainable projects and (4) inspiration.

Action and Awareness

The association organizes regular clean-up days.

Volunteers, ranging from corporate employees to students to travelers, gather in cities and towns to keep sites, streets, and beaches clean and litter-free.


"Trash Hero" works with children and adults, combining theory and practice around the impact of waste on the global environment and raises awareness of the effects of plastic pollution.

It also organizes projects for local schools to make students and teachers aware of environmental issues and to implement responsible practices.

Sustainable Projects

One example is the "Bottles & Bags" program, which offers single-use plastic bottles. More than 180 companies currently participate in the program, offering free water refills for reusable bottles.