"WallMade" in South Korea

Whether it's creating national parks, building bike paths or investing in green technologies (*), South Korea has made huge strides towards more sustainable tourism through various initiatives. These include "WallMade", an organization that creates ecological and safe spaces through public art in urban areas across the country.

Since 2012, the initiative’s social mission is to “design a life around the streets,” creating an environmentally friendly community in various regions of the nation.

About WallMade

The organization started with a passion for exploring and studying the essence of urban regeneration in impoverished regions of South Korea. To solve these social problems, they aimed to interpret and solve these issues from an artistic perspective.


Since its establishment, the association has organized volunteer activities to approach complex and diverse ecological issues through murals, sculptures, paintings, and remodeling buildings. 

Spread Awareness

Before expanding into other ecological activities, the group started by spreading awareness of sustainability issues through illustrations and murals.

They have since collaborated with various schools and businesses.

Sustainable Projects

The association also works with several corporate businesses and other associations to implement socially responsible practices.

WallMade is currently creating a gardening space in Seoul's Gwangjin-gu Songjeong-dong district. The project, which concerns an urban regeneration area, aims to grow plants indoors and outdoors by organizing gardening classes with residents and transforming the space into a real garden.



(*) Green technologies are a set of technologies designed to improve the quality of the environment by reducing toxic emissions into the air, water or soil, saving resources and using renewable resources.